Why does your business need a web designer in 2021?

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4 min readApr 8, 2021
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Having a stellar business website can benefit you in many ways you could possibly imagine. For that, you need to hire a web designer from Kolkata or from anywhere in India to ensure your imaginations get a life. In this regard, here are some compelling reasons why your business needs a versatile web designer in 2021.

Top five reasons to hire a talented web designer in 2021

  1. Get High-Quality Work

Perhaps the most important reason to hire a web designer is to get professional quality work done. It is indeed true that one can easily access one of those free website design templates out there. But they are very basic and often lack the features that a standard business website should have. A professional web designer in Kolkata, or anywhere in the world, will provide you with a customised site that will have all the unique features you might need to successfully operate your business online. The web designer will also come up with a website that is not only functional but is also visually aesthetic and has its own design appeal. Since a business website works as both a business platform as well as a marketing tool, it would be smart if you invest a little more and hire a web developer for your website.

  1. Make A Lasting First Impression

Many studies have proved that a company’s website has a major impact on how customers view the company’s product and services. It takes only seconds to form an opinion about a company by a web visitor on the company’s website. A recent survey showed that 94% of consumers’ first impressions are web design-based, while 38% do not proceed with their purchase if the website is unattractive. Keeping these stats in mind, it will be safe to say assume that your website is actually a visual phenomenon that people recognise instantly. Therefore it makes sense to hire a professional instead of DIY-ing it or hiring amateurs.

  1. Get A User-Friendly Website

Most of the web users are nowadays smartphones and iPads users. Therefore it is important to make your website mobile-friendly as well as computer-friendly. If your website is not as user-friendly on the mobile version, there is a huge chance that the visitors or potential customers are not going to engage much on your website and leave without any purchase. A professional web designer will know the average user’s online browsing behaviour that he/she can use for your website and come up with rewarding browsing experiences for your visitors.

  1. Superior SEO Performance

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is one of the foremost things a website requires in order to garner attention and traffic. SEO means priming your site so that it appears at the top across search engines. There is no real benefit if your website is appealing, functional with great products and services if it is not easily accessible through search engines. Your website should be a few clicks away from your customers. SEO begins with good design barring excessive CSS and JavaScript. Other technicalities such as Flash elements, HTML frames, and improper error pages can also ruin your website’s SEO. A good web designer will know how to strike a balance and increase your website’s chances of appearing as one of the top results in search engines. They will also make sure that the website is optimised. That means everything starting from the site’s architecture to navigation to content layout will lie in alignment with all search engine guidelines.

  1. Stay Ahead Of The Competition

With small businesses joining the online platform every passing day, the online marketplace has become quite competitive. Another trend that has developed corresponding to this is consumers’ increased interaction with companies that are technologically advanced. Web designers are helpful in this case because they remain updated about the latest trends and advancements in web designing. Therefore you can rest assured that your website will not come across as a dating website when you rely on a web developer in Kolkata or any other place. It will also act as an advantage when your website has more customer engagement than your competitors.

End Thoughts

Instead of hiring from any freelancing portal, it’s better to hire an agency. They can always find you the best web developer in Kolkata and around any part of the world to make sure you get a flawless website for your business or clients without any hassle.



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