How to hire the best web developer?

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3 min readMar 21, 2021
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With online business taking its peak after the pandemic, web development has become a highly sought-after job in the market. Many businesses are trying to make that very fast impression on their clients by representing their portfolio through a stunning website. In this regard, the need for a creative web developer is imperative. No doubt, there are many developers available in the market, but very few of them might advise on how to create a website that can beautifully portray your vision. So, you must know how to hire the best web developer from the mass. Here are some working tips for you.

For hiring the best web developer-

  1. Differentiate between a developer and designer

The first step towards hiring the best web developer in Kolkata, or anywhere, is to identify the difference between a developer and a designer. While a designer creates the look of a website, including images and logos, a developer, on the other hand, implements this design in the website. A designer will come up with a representation of what the site will look like upon completion. Most designers’ fields of expertise lie in Photoshop and other editing platforms. A developer works on these representations and makes a real site based on it using markup languages like HTML, CSS, and increasingly JavaScript.

So before you hire a candidate, you should have a clear understanding of what you expect out of him, whether you require a designer, a developer or both. Most web developers in Kolkata work as both, and that can come handy if you are starting a site from scratch.

  1. Decide on the developers’ skills

When it comes to web developers, there are essentially three main subcategories. Deciding on which skill-set you will require for your project before interviewing candidates can help you narrow down to the most relevant prospects. The main categories of web developers are

a) Front-end developers: These are developers you will go to if you need the front of your site changed, i.e., they can help you with that section of your site that visitors interact with. There is still a difference between a designer and a front-end developer because designers are more visually creative, focusing on user experience. But the front-end developer will make slight changes to the overall layout and design of the page but will have the sole responsibility of making the website functional.

b) Back-end developers: These developers are usually tasked with the functionality and are also concerned with the website speed, integrating third-party services into site infrastructure, and other technical issues. They focus on the website structure hidden behind the front-end using technology such as PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, and databases, including MongoDB, SQL, etc.

c) Full-stack developers: These are developers who specialize in both front-end and back-end web developments. The current market of web developers is flocked with full-stack developers because of the rise in start-ups and their demands. Full-stack developers are expensive to hire, but if you have limited resources working with a full-stack specialist can actually come quite cheap compared to the other two types.

3. Look in the right places

While hiring a developer, you can choose from a freelancer, a web development team, or an agency. If you are looking for freelancers, you will find quite a few relevant and approachable candidates on LinkedIn and other websites. You can also hire a recruitment agency that will do the recruiting, searching, and cold contacting candidates on your behalf. Additionally, you can also approach a web development agency to hire a team of specialists.

This decision boils down to your personal preference and your financial situation at the end of the day.

End Thoughts:

You have two options: either you can hire a freelancer or hire an agency for a web developer in Kolkata. If it is going to be long term work, it’s better to hire an agency. They can engage multiple resources on your project, and you can get the benefit of a collaborative approach in terms of a stunning website for your business.



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