App Developer in Kolkata: 6 things to consider before hiring one

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3 min readApr 24, 2021

A fully-functional app for your business can help you cater to a larger target audience than the website alone. However, you need to hire an expert app developer who can work around recent play store updates to successfully launch and maintain your app without any technical glitch. But if you are going to hire an app developer in Kolkata for the first time, here are some tips to help you find an ideal developer without much hassle.

Know the platform that you want to launch your app on

It is really important to decide beforehand which platform your app is going to be for. This not only makes the process of hiring a developer easier, but also lays down a clear action plan before the developers. Although some app developers in Kolkata might tell you that they are well versed in developing apps for all devices across all platforms, it is far from the truth.

If your target audience is the Android user, look for app developers who specialise in android apps. However, if you plan on a cross-platform app, hiring a team of professionals is more advisable as the team will have different experts to cater to the specific app requirements.

Check the developers previous works

Developing an app requires a lot of investment in terms of finances, time and mental work. Therefore it is worth the extra effort of vetting the app developer that you are hiring. Most app developers in Kolkata will provide you with the list of their previous clients and their own portfolios. You can look at the other apps they have developed for the ratings and the overall functionality of the app.

Enquire about the technologies they use

When you ask the developer about the technology, ask about the ones that were used to develop the app as well as the one it will be used for testing. Freelance app designers, in all probabilities, do not have access to the latest technologies which can sometimes lead to poor performance of the app. Even if you are hiring a company, expect them to explain the nuances of the technology that will be used in developing your app. Cross-check their tech stack used by the apps they have developed and deployed previously.

The extent of your involvement

This is really a matter of personal preference. Usually, when you work with a freelance app developer, you have the sole responsibility as the overseer of the work in progress. This also allows you to have complement involvement and say in the creative process. However, when you hire a team, there is going to be a designated project overseer and you can choose as much as involvement you would prefer. But it is ethical on your part to let the developer(/s) know if you want to be a part of it beforehand.

Ownership of codes and licenses

As the owner of the app you might have partial or full ownership of the codes. It depends on the developer and also the app, whether or not it is possible to get a full ownership of codes. Every time you need to update your app, you will require the codes and therefore it is important that you have a transparent conversation about the codes and licenses.

Cost of their services

Before you hire any app developer in Kolkata, ask for their quotes and run a comparison to understand the standard costs of developing an app. Opt for the one that matches your budget without cutting down on your requirements. When it comes to developing an app, quality comes before the cost.

End Thoughts

It is undeniable true that finding an ideal app developer is not an easy task. You have to hassle a lot. In this regard, it’s better to outsource the task to a responsible and experienced agency who can meet your requirement with ease. If you’ve been looking for such an agency, Web Apps Soft would be your ideal bet. They have a team of experienced app developers to handle your complex requirements with ease.



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